Strengthen your Healing Connection...
Bring peace & balance to the Mind, Body and Spirit.
The practice of hands on healing has been prevalent in virtually all
cultures throughout the ages, whether it be the medicine man or a
miracle cure at Lourdes.  Healing energy, considered to have a divine
quality, is channelled through healers to help those who have physical,
emotional, mental or spiritual problems. We do not profess to offer a
miracle cure but relief from pain, a speedier recovery, and other
beneficial effects is more often the case.  

Spiritual Healing works on the energetic level. Everything in our universe is made
up entirely of energy. Light is energy, our emotions & thoughts are energy, even
our physical bodies & the physical world surrounding us are energy. When we
keep that in mind, it is easier to understand how the healing energy works. It heals
by flowing through the affected parts of the energy field & charging them with
positive energy.  It raises the vibratory level of the energy field in & around the
physical body where negative thoughts & feelings were attached, releasing
underlying emotions & negative energy that caused the dis-ease, energy
blockages, physical, mental and emotional symptoms allowing them to break apart
& fall away.  Extraction is the removal of these intrusions from the auric body.  It
clears, straightens, balances, heals, & harmonizes the energy channels, thus
allowing the life force to flow in a healthy & natural way, as well as helping to heal
the physical symptoms of the dis-ease.  This also clears & expands your
consciousness to allow for more happy, healthy & joyful experiences

During a session,
Spirit, our Creator, Guardian Angels, Saints, Ancestors, Mother
Earth, Father Sky, and all the healing properties of the Four Directions, the
Elements, Animal, Plant and Mineral kingdoms are asked to offer protection,
knowledge and guidance.  Everyone experiences an energy session in their own
unique way, Just as each of us are unique. Some feel tingling or sensations of a
gentle breeze, heat or coolness, others a feeling of peace & deep relaxation.
Some people feel rejuvenated & energized, while others fall asleep. Some report
having intense visualizations almost like waking dreams.  Others release pent-up
emotions & feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from them.  Some feel no
sensations but come away feeling completely stress-free. The sensations &
benefits people report are as diversified as the people themselves.

Sometimes people can go through their lives feeling that there is something
missing, but not knowing what it is.  Energy Healing can help unlock your natural
creativity, allowing you to reach your full potential. It opens & balances your
Chakras, provides a stronger spiritual connection to the Universe, brings clarity,
focus, a new vitality, & a sense of purpose back into life. The energy enhances the
benefits of all other therapies to promote a deeper more profound healing.

Since our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental energy fields are so
intertwined, it is necessary to cleanse all levels.  This therapy may include the use
of hands on healing, visualization techniques, aura & chakra cleansing,
, Vibrational Body Oils, color therapy, vibrational techniques, essential oil
therapy, and energetic repatterning to release connections to negative beliefs &
experiences, allowing for more positive, loving, healing, and creative belief
patterns.  Some have received inspirational messages or visions during or
following their session.  Many experience immediate, continual, &/or later relief of
physical ailments such as arthritis, colds, pain, or disease.  Many also notice that
they no longer suffer from depression, fatigue, insomnia, or anxiety.  Toxins that
have been stored in the body may be released, along with feelings & thought
patterns that are no longer useful. It detoxifies the system, prevents future toxin
build-up, & balances the metabolism. It also can help ease the pain of chronic
diseases, & promotes faster healing when used before & after surgery.

***After receiving a healing it is always good to rest & drink plenty of water to help
flush the toxins that will be released from the body.  It is also recommended to eat
preferably a mostly raw or steamed assortment of fresh fruits and vegetables to
help strengthen, build and repair.

"As soon as we take that first step towards positive change,
the Universe realigns itself to bring us exactly what we need."

Since Spiritual Healing is gentle and influences the whole person on all levels
through the Higher Self and Spirit, it can be used on everyone, by everyone.  It
can take place in any setting;  the home, hospital, accident scenes, schools,
churches, doctors offices, etc.

Conditions Successfully Helped by Spiritual Energy Healing:
· Depression · Anxiety and Stress · Insomnia · Weight Loss · Low Energy · Addictions · Phobias
and Obsessions · Emotional Problems and Disorders · Physical Pain and Issues · ADD/ADHD
· Migraines and Headaches · Chronic Fatigue · Stroke Rehabilitation · PMS · Infertility
Dysfunction · Post Op Recovery · Arthritis · Irritable Bowel Syndrome · Digestive Problems ·
Sprains / Strains · High Blood Pressure · Internal Diseases · Mental Blockage and Instability ·
Grief · Relationship Issues · Self Confidence and Awareness Issues · Unbalanced Energies
and Chakras · Blocked Spiritual Awareness or Intuitive Abilities

Energy Exchange for One Healing Session (approx. 1 hour)~ $70
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