Since I've changed many of the products I use, I have seen
wonderful results. in my skin & health!

***Using a lotion and body care products WITHOUT mineral oil, parabens, sodium
laurel sulfate & petroleum is VERY IMPORTANT
since your skin absorbs
everything you put on it.  
Studies have shown that using these ingredients on a
regular basis
may contribute to cancer or other issues.

have enjoyed using Young Living, Nature's Sunshine, Avalon Organics, JASON,
Aubrey, & Alba LOTIONS, as well as organic extra virgin coconut oil. (smells

***I use natural, environment friendly laundry detergent from Young Living Oils,
Nature's Sunshine, 7th Generation or Shaklee. (
most which you can order from

***No bleach. I add BORAX if I need extra cleaning power.

***I use Nature's Sunshine and Young Living oils toothpastes. Also, Nature's
Gate, Tom's of Maine & J.A.S.O.N. Brand toothpaste with NO FLUORIDE
(just google "fluoride danger" and see what comes up!)

***Once I got over the idea of sweating being a bad thing (it's actually how your
skin detoxes) I
really like Mountain Mint deodorant from Young Living

***I use BORAX twice a week
in the shower as a body scrub.
(Smooth as a baby's bottom.)

***I enjoy using
Young Living Copaiba & Vanilla OR Lavender Mint, Avalon
Organics,  JASON, & Aubrey shampoo and conditioner that I get from the health
food store, Rainbow Blossom, Meijer, or Target .

You can purchase products at wholesale prices from;
Young Living at
Nature's Sunshine products at
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