Unless otherwise stated by your doctor for a particular condition, each person
should drink about one half their body weight in ounces(maximum 100 oz.).  If you
drink coffee, soda, or tea (non-herbal), you should drink that equal amount of
water to make up for the dehydrating effect of the carbonation & caffeine.  It is
also good to add fresh lemon juice to your water, which cleanses your entire
body.  Water flushes our system of the toxins we release.  It also lubricates our
joints, muscles, and intestines.  It keeps our skin moist, and our hair shiny with
the help of essential fatty acids.  Drinking the proper amount of water helps your
metabolism.  People that worry about retaining water usually are not drinking
enough to begin with, so at first when they begin drinking more, their body retains
it.  After a few days your body will realize you are properly hydrating yourself and
it will release the excess water

Please see  & the Food Matters movie for entertaining facts

"A High Fiber Diet: The Smart Way to Get Fit
Nearly every poorly functioning digestive tract can benefit from an increase in
fiber.  Studies have shown that once fiber enters the digestive tract, it interacts
with other foods and substances you consume, helping to absorb and eliminate
harmful toxins that may otherwise have been ingested and stored in the body. In
addition, fiber is a significant food source for the beneficial bacteria in your
digestive tract that support healthy immune function.  The best way to get enough
fiber is the way nature intended: through your diet. When you consume the
recommended 25 to 35 grams daily through a diet rich in high-fiber foods, you
receive a natural balance of approximately 75% insoluble fiber to 35% soluble
(water-soluble) fiber, and each type is important to your health.  Soluble fiber
helps absorb toxins in the liver and the digestive tract, and insoluble fiber helps to
sweep the colon free of toxins and waste, promoting regular, healthy bowel
movements as a result." ~
from  (I love their tasteless 100%
natural acacia fiber, 5 grams of fiber per serving, Mix in liquids and soft foods. It
is also available at Rainbow Blossom & Whole Foods)

Whenever food is heated, the enzymes are destroyed along with many other
nutrients.  This is why it is better to eat fruits and vegetables raw or lightly
steamed in preference to cooking them.  Raw foods help raise your vibrational
energy levels for faster physical healing as well as stimulating better spiritual,
mental & emotional health.  Cooked foods are basically just lifeless corpses with
little or no vibrational energy & nutrients.  Books:  Nature's First Law, The
Sunfood Diet System, Raw, The Vegetarian Soulfood Cookbook, Eating in the
Raw, The Living Foods Lifestyle, Raw Power

*Eat fruit alone.  Lemon, Pineapple & Papaya are the only real exceptions.  Eat
these at least 30 minutes before or 3-4 hours after other foods.
*Meat with Vegetables is fine.
*Potatoes, Rice, Pasta, or Bread  with Vegetables is fine.
*Meat should not be eaten at the same meal with Bread, Rice, Pasta, or Potatoes.
Proteins and Starches take 2 different kinds of digestive enzymes.  When you mix
these 2 together, you almost double the time it takes to digest your food.  This
explains why you feel so full, heavy, & tired after that Thanksgiving turkey &
stuffing, chicken & rice, or steak & potatoes.  Carbohydrates start digestion in
your mouth with your saliva.  Fruits only take 30 minutes to digest.  If you
combine them with other foods, they start digesting quickly, and end up in a
fermentation process causing excess sugars.  This can cause upset stomach,
gas, and higher blood sugar levels.  It also slows your metabolism, which
gradually can make you gain weight.
Books: Body Ecology Diet, & The Huntington Way.

Bread, Pasta & more
The most important things I ask people to change in their diets are starches.  
They create mucus in the body, slowing the digestive process, your metabolism,
and your energy.  
*Choose red potatoes over brown/white.  They have more flavor, more nutrients,
and are lower on the glycemic index(I'll have more on that later).  If you were to
juice a raw potato and let the juice stand for a few hours, the juice would turn
hard as concrete.
*Most Pasta is made from semolina, a wheat product, which produces mucus.  
Brown rice or buckwheat  pasta have a slightly different texture, but more flavor &
*Long grain brown rice is less mucus forming than short grain, white rice. Plus it
has many more essential Vitamins & Minerals.
*Eating white & wheat bread is like eating paste.  It clogs up your system, making
everything slow down.  Many varieties of Sprouted grain, spelt, & Ezekiel breads
available at your local grocery(JayC, Kroger & Ralphs) and health food stores.  
They are sometimes found in the refrigerated section.  They are higher priced,
but they are heavier, tastier, and considering what you could save on medical
bills, or diet aids, it is worth it.  I prefer Ezekiel bread by Food for Life.  They also
have cinnamon raisin which is delicious toasted for breakfast or as a snack.
~Books: Body Ecology Diet, & The Yeast Connection~

It is best to try not drinking with your meals.  If you feel you need to "wash it down"
then you are probably trying to chew too much at once.  Drinking while eating
dilutes your digestive juices in the stomach, which makes it work harder & longer.  
This slows down your metabolism, which can cause you to gain or hold onto
excess weight.  Try having only a small amount of warm herbal tea.  Try not using
ice, the stomach prefers to stay Body temperature.
Charity Miller, LMT, NCBTMB, Holistic Health Therapist © 2017 All rights reserved
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