Los Angeles Times ~ ENTERTAINING February 17, 2005
Day spa for the living room
The rise in businesses that deliver luxe treatments to you helps drive the trend of at-home pampering parties.
By Maryann Hammers, Special to The Times

The bride-to-be splurges on a pre-wedding party, taking nine guests to a spa so exclusive that it will exist for only five hours
— in her Redondo Beach home. Another woman throws a "girls' night in" for her three best friends amid flickering candles
and fluffy white robes in her Los Angeles den. Massages, pedicures and intense female bonding included.
As spa-going has become more mainstream, in-home spa parties have become one of the nation's newest entertaining
trends.  "Since the popularity of Carrie and the girls from 'Sex and the City,' there's been a movement for women to spend
more time with girlfriends. Home-spa parties offer a chance to feel like the gang from New York," says Anastacia Stathakis
of Westin Rinehart, a Washington, D.C., public affairs and marketing firm. "Just as some people throw a bridal shower at a
vineyard, a spa theme is a fun way to feel glamorous with your girlfriends."
Lisa Foster Maddox, the Redondo Beach bride, spent $2,000 on her home-spa party in June, which included meditation
sessions, yoga classes, facials and massages, plus take-home yoga mats and robes for her guests.  "I've never been to a
spa that was as personal or fun as this was. I was really stressed arranging my wedding, but I felt completely relaxed at my
party," says Maddox, an animation producer.
Bridal & Home Spa Retreat Parties~
It's better than a girls night out on the town, a weekend in Vegas, or a luncheon.
A Home Spa Party is the perfect way to celebrate your shower, birthday,
bachelorette party, or just a girls night in.  Enjoy luxurious treatments in the
comfort & convenience of your home with the wonderful elements that you
experience at the spa, with a custom menu of pure pampering for your group.  
You can choose to host the party as a gift to your best friends or family members
or have everyone select and pay for their own services. It's as simple as sending
out an invitation, taking everyone's spa treatment order, and sending that
information to us. We will take care of everything from there by creating a
schedule for the therapists, sending the correct number of people and creating a
pampering environment for you & your guests.

Enjoy a preselected package for each person or create your own from the ala
carte menu. Whether it's just you and a friend or up to 20 people, this is a great
way of getting friends together and having a few nibbles, maybe a glass of wine,
and pampering relaxation.  You can also customize these events during special
days such as;  Expectant Motherhood, Increased Fertility Inspiration, Bridal
Showers, Birthdays, Retirement, Family Reunion, Graduation, Employee
Appreciation, Seasonal Equinox, etc. Special Spiritual Ceremonies can be
customized for the event.

Spa Party Package Options
Total Escape $100
Exfoliating Hand to Elbow Aromatherapy Scrub
Paraffin Hand Dip
Moisture Application & Hand Massage
Aromatherapy Foot Soak
Peppermint Scalp Massage
50 minute Massage

Mini Escape $75
Exfoliating Hand to Elbow Aromatherapy Scrub
Paraffin Hand Dip
Moisture Application & Hand Massage
Aromatherapy Foot Soak
25 minute Massage

Retreat $55
Paraffin Hand Dip
Aromatherapy Foot Soak
25 minute Massage

Ala Carte menu
10 min $15
*clothed or with sheets & oil:  25 min $30       50 min $60
Paraffin hand Dip $10
Exfoliating Aromatherapy  Hand to Elbow Scrub $10
Moisture Application w/ Hand Massage $10
Aromatherapy Foot Soak $10
Peppermint Scalp Massage $10

$200 Party minimum* plus Travel Fee
Non-refundable deposit of 10% required for reservation.
2 days notice required for cancellations or changes.
Extra Hotel surcharges or parking fees may apply.
*$30 travel fee not included
Prices subject to change without notice.
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