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FULL MOON CEREMONY ~ Southern Indiana
A ceremony for individuals or groups during the full moon.  This is a very special
day of the month to clear your Mind, Body, & Spirit of negative thoughts, events, &
habits and also for manifesting your goals and desires by using a list burning
ritual & a cleansing using crystals &/or blessed water.  Medicine card readings
and inspirational poems are also shared.  I can offer these at your location or
mine.  There is a suggested donation of $60 for up to 6 people, & $10 per
person, thereafter.  (non-local travel fees may apply)  Please email for more info.

Spiritual Spa Day  for Adults & Kids
Date: TBD       9am-3pm
Adults & Teens... Spa Day  $35 advance $40 @ the door
Out of Diapers & older $20 advance $25 @the door
(Diapers OK if accompanied by a guardian not attending Adult Spa Day)

Southern Indiana
The purpose of this seminar is to help us see that we are all created in the image
of God and that makes us creators by nature.  You will learn that we can literally
create deliberately instead of by default.  In fact, we are always creating and we
can take control of this creative process and transform ourselves and our lives.  I
highly recommend it.    For more information

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