Charity Miller, LMT, NCBTMB
Holistic Health & Massage Therapist

Early in my teens, I was aware of a very strong spiritual "energy"
especially when I would get very emotional.  I embraced this as
a way of receiving guidance from Creator/Spirit/God.  Wanting to understand
these experiences, I began the study of metaphysics & Christian mysticism.  I
believe in Creator/Spirit/God as a nurturing & guiding Energy.  My Native
American roots from the Cherokee nation (Thank you Chief Two Bears) & being a
descendant of the last great Comanche chief Quannah Parker also inspire my
love of Ancient Wisdom/New Thought and Nature's mysteries and medicines.
After my dad endured a life threatening allergic reaction to prescription
medication, I began an intense study of the Healing Arts.  I experimented on
myself, friends and family.  With their encouragement, I became certified in
Massage & Bodywork Therapy at The California Healing Arts College in Santa
Monica, CA in 1998.  Spiritual guidance & soul resonance launched me into an
accelerated spiritual quest. I questioned the values and lifestyle that I was
realizing felt like an unconscious auto pilot. In 2000, a Native American healing
with Shaman Wain Chungka changed my life profoundly.  Resembling a shaman’s
journey, I drifted into different dimensional realms, connecting with what I believe
was a parallel existence in which I resonated greatly. I have been on an exciting,
life changing journey of discovering the truths about myself, and this amazing
universe in which we live.
In Fall 2001, I was inspired to spend nearly two years traveling the country
seeking wisdom, research and experience by visiting sacred sites & sharing my
healing gifts.  I recertified in Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy to attain
national certification by the NCBTMB.  My passion and dedication to the healing
arts is expressed through continual educational pursuits.  With over 1100 hours of
professional bodywork training, I have worked with thousands of clients from all
over the country, age 7 months to 96 years, using a multitude of techniques to
help create healing, awareness, release various body~mind restrictions and
encourage positive change in lifestyles, thought forms, and physical well-being.  
My mission is to inspire healing, teach, and empower others to heal themselves by
connecting to their own healing power within to live a fuller, more meaningful life.
I have studied & worked with several spiritual shamen including Agape
International Spiritual Center, Lakota Grandfather Wallace Black Elk, Charles
"Wain Chungka" Martin of California, Rahelio of Sedona, AZ, Vicki Selcher in Long
Beach, CA, many Spiritual Teachers & Centers, award winning spas, chiropractic
& physical therapy offices, the "What the Bleep Do We Know" Fest in Los
Angeles, the "Gathering of the Sham
an" retreat in Malibu, Native American
retreats, sweat lodges, and workshops.  I have been blessed to assist in the

support of many
healings of many physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual
ailments throughout the country since 1998.  

"I can see the hand of our Creator in the synchronicity that has enchanted my
life.  I am so blessed to walk this path with passion as I do the work I love!”
~ Charity

My background is diverse. Highlights include~
*Nationally Certified & Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist
*Certified Reiki Practitioner
*Certified in Jin Shin Acupressure
*Certified LaStone (Hot & Cold) Therapist
*Chakra & Energy Balancing Practitioner
*Gemstone, Crystal & Color Healing Practitioner
*Acutonic Tuning Fork Practitioner
*Certified Iridology Consultant
*Cupping Massage Therapist
*Ordained Interfaith Minister
*Certified Ashiatsu (Oriental Barefoot Massage)
Holistic Therapy for Healing Mind, Body, & Spirit
Charity Miller, LMT, NCBTMB, Holistic Health Therapist
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