I highly recommend a house blessing when moving into a new home,
building one, spring cleaning, the arrival of a new baby, the departure of
not~so~loved ones, & if your home just has a stale, uncomfortable, or sad
feeling.  This could be left over energy from previous owners, earth bound
spirits, or stagnant energy that the homeowner has created.  
Your home is a very special place that should make you feel happy, secure,
and comforting.  Sacred white sage is burned to smudge the area, any
family members present, and the family pets.  Gemstones can be used to
absorb any negative energy and to stimulate and cleanse stagnant energy.

Energy Exchange of Appreciation is $70
The Blessing takes about an hour to help your house feel more like HOME

Some signs you and/or your home may need a clearing are:
*Strong feelings of being watched.
*A smell that repeats itself that has no specific origin.
*Unexplained cold or hot spots.
*Objects are constantly going missing or being moved inexplicably.
*Pets and children staring at something unseen.
*Unexplained mood changes or anger in someone who is normally pleasant.
*Batteries draining, light bulbs, and electrical appliances constantly breaking down.
*Unexplained voices or sounds.
*A feeling of being "sick" that has no medical reason.
Charity Miller, LMT, NCBTMB, Holistic Health Therapist
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