Holistic & Complimentary Therapy for Healing Mind, Body, & Spirit
Imagine Peace & Wellness

Make time for yourself... Relax! Rejuvenate! Escape! Indulge!
Let us help you reach your destination of peace, happiness, & health.  Recharge
your body's own natural healing ability with a rejuvenating yet relaxing massage.
Few things are as effective as the human touch at relieving stress, restoring
energy, improving circulation, strengthening the immune system, lymphatic
drainage, and promoting a deeper and more restful sleep.  Your senses will be
tantalized by the soft lighting, invigorating scents of aromatherapy, and soft
melodies floating like clouds on a whispering wind.  In your massage session, my
skills will be used with flexibility, sensitivity, grace, & strength, depending on your
needs & wishes.  You will feel your body pulled & rocked, stretched & kneaded,
with a slow & sensitive pace, including a wonderful foot massage.
I use 100% pure essential oils. Lotions are FREE of parabens & mineral oil.
***Please specify any allergies when making your appointment.***

For appointments or inquiries please call 812-406-9699
or book online at
60 min  $70        75 min $85        90 min $100

NeuroMuscular Massage Therapy~
For tense areas that need to be released, a variety of techniques
working within your pain threshold will be used to relax chronic tension
and may involve stretching, compression, deep tissue & firm pressure,
but still promotes relaxation. Gets to the root of your muscle aches by
focusing on specific muscle groups. Helps remove knots, tension,
improves circulation, and reduces stress. Kneading and slow, long
strokes transport you to a profound level of relaxation.  Don't be
surprised if you can't get of the table.  Your body may have surrendered
and turned into mush.  (For athletes & those who LOVE it to BURN, please
ask for EXTRA DEEP $10+ addon)

Cellulite Reduction/Lymphatic Drainage~ (addon $10)
Cupping, special friction, squeezing techniques, & a specially formulated
oil help drain away water retention & toxins trapped in tissues.  Improves
circulation, immune system, & lessens the appearance of cellulite.  
"Nowadays, because of food engineering, increased exposure to stress
and unclean air and water, the average human body is accumulating large
amounts of metabolic toxic waste products...leads to lower energy
experiences, muscular pain and a very significant reduction in the power
and ability of the acquired immune system to protect the body from
viruses and other harmful germs..These techniques, which significantly
help detoxify the body...have been clinically proven to be a very effective
method to help boost immune system function." ~ B. Prilutsky, MA

Prenatal Bodywork Therapy~ (after the 14th week)
Pamper yourself during this special time with therapy designed for the
mother-to-be.  Available after your first trimester, massage helps relieve
fatigue, back discomfort, hip pain, leg cramps, swelling in the limbs, sinus
congestion, sciatica pain, and headaches.  Laying face down in the
Prego Pillow encourages relaxation and restful sleep.

Hot LaStone Therapy~
This session goes beyond the experience of a typical massage, entering
deeper dimensions of relaxation and well being.  Feel muscle~melting
Bliss as the warmth of heated stones radiates deep into your muscles in
conjunction with Swedish techniques for a profound relaxation and
balancing experience.
$10 back & neck added to any massage

Raindrop Therapy
This technique from Young Living Essential Oils draws from Lakota
wellness traditions and provides a revolutionary means of aligning
the body and mind. It uses pure, authentic essential oils for a deeply
harmonizing, rejuvenating, and relaxing experience. The one hour
session does not include massage therapy. It only includes light
massage strokes for spreading the oils on the body.
60 min $90
(*If you're looking to combine raindrop with massage please book a
90 minute Raindrop session $120)

Massaging Facial addon ~
Get a radiant glow from this stimulating facial massage featuring Young
Living Essential Oils skin care line ART.  Lessen fine lines and wrinkles,
plump skin, promote circulation, and relieve sinus pressure &
congestion.  May be added to any massage 60 min or longer for an
additional charge of
15 minutes $25 added on to any massage 60 min or longer

2 hour Detox Body Wrap and Massage~
A one hour detoxing body wrap followed by a 1 hour massage.
Cellulite reducing, anti-aging and detoxifying. Cleanse, clarify skin,
and restore moisture. You will leave feeling soft, supple, and truly
refreshed. When a detox wrap and massage are combined, the
result is a sumptuous bodywork session that helps reduce clients’
muscular tension and excess cortisol (a main cause of belly fat),
which allows for an even deeper relaxation and more successful
treatment. *Upgrade to a Cellulite Cupping massage for only $10
more.    2 hours $130

Stress Buster Therapy ~
Helps to relieve headaches and neck aches associated with stress. It
also helps to improve circulation, release muscle tension and improve
concentration. This therapy incorporates the back, shoulders, neck, scalp
& feet. Foot Reflexology is an ancient art of healing that applies pressure
to the soles of the feet releasing tension, reducing fatigue and improving
physical balance to the entire body. Gives an overall feeling of well-being.
60 minutes $70

2 Hour Mind Body Spirit Retreats: Bodywork Therapy~
Includes a foot soak and hot herbal tea. A powerful combination of
relaxation techniques, bodywork therapy,
stone therapy, Vibrational Acutonic Tuning Forks, Essential Oils, Native
Touch Healing & Reiki.  
2 hours $150

Add Ons
Hot Stone Back & Neck Heat Therapy                     Please add $10
Dry Brushing Exfoliation                                             Please add $20
Aromatherapy Foot Soak or Scrub                             Please add $10
EXTRA DEEP Pressure                                               Please add $10+

*PACKAGES must be used by same person*

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Advanced massage and pain relief therapy in a wellness studio
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Charity Miller, LMT, NCBTMB, Holistic Health & Massage Therapist
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